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Invalidate old QImage data if load()/loadFromData() has failed
This guarantees one will never get `!img.isNull()` after load()/loadFromData() has failed, even if the image was not null before. Apply the same fix to QPixmap and QPicture. Change-Id: Ida1ad6a6f0fc830df8e75ada0c163fc2d3360dea Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <>
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For consistency with RGB32 and other 32-bit formats, function now expects
image data in RGB layout as opposed to BGR layout.
+* Behavioral change in QImage and QPixmap load()/loadFromData() on a non-null image:
+ If load() or loadFromData() fails to load the image (returns false) then
+ the existent image data will be invalidated, so that isNull() is guaranteed
+ to return true in this case.
* QInputContext removed as well as related getters and setters on QWidget and QApplication.