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Updated for accessibility
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@@ -93,8 +93,9 @@ information about a particular change.
text(Text t, int child) -> text(Text t), rect(int child) -> rect()
setText(Text t, int child, const QString &text) -> setText(Text t, const QString &text)
role(int child) -> role(), state(int child) -> state()
- relationTo(int child, const QAccessibleInterface *other, int otherChild) ->
- relationTo(const QAccessibleInterface *other)
+ * parent() and child() was added in order to do hierarchical navigation.
+ * relations() was added as a replacement to relationTo()
+ * As a consequence of the above two points, navigate() was removed.
* Accessible-Action related functions have been removed. QAccessibleInterface
subclasses are expected to implement the QAccessibleActionInterface instead.
These functions have been removed: