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Remove custom text codec for C strings.
This setting is extremely harmful, as code cannot know whether or not to expect it. It also made the behaviour of QString::fromAscii and ::toAscii unintuitive, and caused a lot of people to make mistakes with it. Change-Id: I2f429fa7ef93bd75bb93a7f64c56db15b7283388 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <> Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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@@ -295,6 +295,10 @@ QtCore
* The QDate::addDays() and QDateTime::addDays() methods now take a qint64
* The QDate::daysTo() and QDateTime::daysTo() methods now return a qint64
+* QTextCodec::codecForCStrings() and QTextCodec::setCodecForCStrings() have both
+ been removed. This was removed due to issues with breaking other code from
+ libraries, creating uncertainty/bugs in using QString easily, and (to a lesser
+ extent) performance issues.
* QIntValidator and QDoubleValidator no longer fall back to using the C locale if
the requested locale fails to validate the input.