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Add to 5.2 changelog QPlatformSessionManager related entry
This patch adds a brief description of the return of session management because the changelog entries weres missing in the commit messages related to the various parts of the related works Change-Id: I20e6a20a63f1a38c6b1a7c9f147737688cd7ddf4 Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <>
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- qUpperBound (std::upper_bound)
- qLess (std::less)
- qGreater (std::greater)
+- [QTBUG-28228] Session Management:
+ The new QPlatformSessionManager class brings back the session management
+ functionality. It allows the implementation of platform specific behavior
+ related to session management. For platform that don't support this
+ feature the default behavior has not changed.
+ Both X11 and Windows session management are supported.