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Ensure QMAKE_RFLAGSDIR is set correctly
This patch ensures that additional runpaths passed to configure via the -R switch are added to the QMAKE_RFLAGSDIR variable. Previously, although runpaths provided in this way were appended to the linker options when building Qt itself, they were not appended to the QMAKE_RFLAGSDIR value written to mkspecs/qconfig.pri. This meant that the DT_RPATH attribute was set incorrectly in binaries built from projects other than Qt itself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Configure flags Expected value Value before this fix ----------------------------------------------------------------------- <none> DEFAULT_RPATH DEFAULT_RPATH -no-rpath <empty> <empty> -R X DEFAULT_RPATH:X DEFAULT_RPATH -no-rpath -R X X <empty> -prefix Y Y/lib Y/lib -prefix Y -no-rpath <empty> <empty> -prefix Y -R X Y/lib:X Y/lib -prefix Y -no-rpath -R X X <empty> ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFAULT_RPATH = /usr/local/Qt-${QT_VERSION}/lib Change-Id: Iaf1809b528ebd249694cf41e004173e881ca48ad Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <> Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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