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Remove winEventFilter, replaced with installNativeEventFilter.
No reason to keep a virtual method for Windows when all other similar methods (macEvent and x11Event) have been removed, and when installNativeEventFilter provides a much nicer solution (no need to derive from QApplication). Change-Id: Ia2a7960e320fcbd04cef91f467900861dbb377c1 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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* The enum values simply didn't make sense in the first place and should simply be dropped.
* Filtering of native events (QCoreApplication::setEventFilter, as well as
- QApplication::x11EventFilter/macEventFilter/qwsEventFilter) have been replaced
+ QApplication::x11EventFilter/macEventFilter/qwsEventFilter/winEventFilter) have been replaced
with QCoreApplication::installNativeEventFilter and removeNativeEventFilter,
for an API much closer to QEvent filtering. Note that the native events that can be
filtered this way depend on which QPA backend is chosen, at runtime. On X11, XEvents are