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QTreeView - allow users to control data in the treestructure
This patch allows to set which logical index the tree is in. Before the tree always displayed data from the logical index 0, but it is actually more likely that the user wants to have data from visual index 0 (which can be done by special value -1). There is nothing special about logical index 0, and not being able to change the tree-data is just annoying. Change-Id: Ib070ce93343a0d2fbac3ad5a42cb4359401ac87c Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <>
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@@ -26,6 +26,9 @@ QtWidgets
it will make use of the new protected viewportSizeHint() (binary compatible since it
was reserved in Qt5). This function returns a suggested size based on contents.
+- QTreeView now has setTreePosition to allow the treestructure to show data from other
+ columns than logicalindex zero.
- [QTBUG-4206] QTableView resizeToContents will now adjust to actual contents
and not just visible area. QHeaderView::setAutoResizePrecision() has been
introduced to control how precise the autoResize should be.