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QSqlTableModel::selectRow(): complete documentation
Mention in changes and document Qt version (merci à dfaure). Follow-up to 291e2c7d5416af4d16dc0a6e60df7980ba745a3d. Change-Id: Ie5626e9cd268812c1173ca494ccd8d6bd9be2687 Reviewed-by: Honglei Zhang <>
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QSqlTableModel::indexInQuery() as example of how to implement in a
+* QSqlTableModel::selectRow(): This is a new method that refreshes a single
+row in the model from the database.
* QSqlTableModel edit strategies OnFieldChange/OnRowChange QTBUG-2875
Previously, after changes were submitted in these edit strategies, select()
was called which removed and inserted all rows. This ruined navigation