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Add support for SQLSTATE error codes
Postgres can report detailed information about an error using error codes. See . The current driver doesn't report the error, nor is it supported by the QSqlError object. The patch appends the error to the error message, helping applications to: - handle different errors in a specific way - show correct, translated error messages, independently on the language of the postgres installation Change-Id: Ica3530ac33d3aaa9985e06f6c1f302ece9891033 Reviewed-by: Mark Brand <>
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@@ -567,6 +567,11 @@ sqlite
'true' and 'false'. Sqlite does not have a boolean column type and it is
customary to use integer. QTBUG-23895
+* the error message returned in QSqlError::text() has the SQLSTATE error code
+appended in parantheses.
* Platform Specific Changes *