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testlib: Count passes, fails and skips consistently.
For data-driven tests, testlib previously counted one fail or skip for each data row that failed or skipped, while it counted only one pass for a test function where all rows passed and counted no passes for a test function where some rows passed and some rows failed. A similar problem also existed for benchmark tests, which could run multiple iterations of the same test, with each fail and skip being counted but only a single pass being counted for the entire series of iterations. This commit makes testlib count one pass, fail or skip for each data row. Test functions that are not data-driven count one result for the test function, as before. Benchmark tests count one pass, fail or skip per iteration. A side-effect of this change is that the test output in plain text, xml and light xml formats now shows a result for every data row and benchmark iteration executed, allowing post-processors to correctly calculate the total number of tests executed. Previously, individual rows were not shown in the test output if they passed, making such calculations impossible. The only change to the xunitxml output format is to correct a bug where no test result was recorded for a test function if the last data row was skipped and all other rows passed -- in which case the overall result should be a pass. Note that there is also a pre-existing bug in the xunit logger, where no result is reported if all rows are skipped; that bug is unaffected by this commit. Task-number: QTBUG-21848 Task-number: QTBUG-22124 Change-Id: I7e17177e10d6e89e55b9684c159bd506f21d002b Reviewed-by: Ed Baak <>
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* QMetaType::unregisterType() has been removed.
- QTestLib:
+ * The plain-text, xml and lightxml test output formats have been changed to
+ show a test result for every row of test data in data-driven tests. In
+ Qt4, only fails and skips were shown for individual data rows and passes
+ were not shown for individual data rows, preventing accurate calculation
+ of test run rates and pass rates.
* The QTRY_VERIFY and QTRY_COMPARE macros have been moved into QTestLib.
These macros formerly lived in tests/shared/util.h but are now provided
by including the <QtTest/QtTest> header. In addition,