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update changelog for QtSql 5.2.0 (and 5.1.0 in retrospect)
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- QHostInfo:
* Allow QHostInfo::lookupHost() with no receiver to warm the DNS cache.
+This changelog as released was missing QtSql changes.
+Please refer to changes-5.2.0 for QtSql 5.1.0 changes.
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connections. This allows for much reduced latency when the hosts to be
connected to are known.
+Changes in Qt 5.1.0 (missing from released changelog dist/changes-5.1.0)
+- [QTBUG-28088] Remove dependency of DB driver headers on qsqlcachedresult_p.h.
+- Deprecate QSqlError setters.
+ The constructor is sufficient, since it has a parameter for each member variable.
+- Rename the SQL driver header files to _p.h (make private)
+ The drivers were never public API. They were exposed by mistake in
+ public headers. What's more, they have #include'd a private header
+ (qsqlcachedresult_p.h) since at least Qt 4.5.1. That means no one used
+ those headers in Qt 4 (private headers weren't installed then) and
+ it's unlikely anyone did in 5.0.
+- ODBC: Implemented lastInsertId() for some ODBC compatible databases.
+- PSQL: Make lastInsertID work for tables without OIDs.
+- [QTBUG-14904] SQLITE: Fix for Sql query aliases with dots
+- [QTBUG-2192] ODBC: fix loss of milliseconds when binding QDateTime
+- [QTBUG-30076] PSQL: escape backslashes only when server requires it
+ IMPORTANT: Applications that implemented their own workarounds must be
+ updated to avoid misbehavior and SQL injection vulnerabilities.
+- [QTBUG-10569] ODBC: fixed QODBCResult::exec() return value for DELETE
+ operations when no rows are affected.
+- ODBC: Fixed loss of column metadata on SQL_NO_DATA.
+- QSqlTableModel: expose methods for getting primary values.
+- ODBC: Fixed possible cause of spurious errors (commit af35ee291a1bbbc8)
+Changes in Qt 5.2.0
+- [QTBUG-29261] IBASE: Construct a valid QTime when creating timestamps for iBase SQL driver.
+- [QTBUG-33389] PSQL: Format QDateTime following ISO8601.
* Platform Specific Changes *