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Change the default major version of QGLFormat to 2.
This is being changed because: - The OpenGL paint engine in Qt only supports GL2 - QML2 only supports GL2 - QSurfaceFormat has a default value of 2 Applications that want to use GL1 on a QGLWidget will have to explicitly request this format using QGLFormat::setVersion. Task-number: QTBUG-27589 Change-Id: Ieb283ef7d6e15a29ec28ce7e4363dbf477decaa7 Reviewed-by: Sean Harmer <>
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@@ -617,6 +617,9 @@ QtOpenGL
QGLWidget and a QOpenGLFramebufferObject. It is recommended that applications
using QGLPixelBuffer for offscreen rendering to a texture switch to using
QOpenGLFramebufferObject directly instead, for improved performance.
+* The default major version of QGLFormat has been changed to 2 to be aligned
+ with QSurfaceFormat. Applications that want to use a different version should
+ explicitly request it using QGLFormat::setVersion().