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this makes the "sysrootable" properties more magic, with the raw versions being omitted from the qmake -query output and automatically falling back to the "cooked" variant if there is no sysroot set. this makes the "normal" qmake -query less noisy. this will become even more obvious when i add more "overloads" of the properties. Change-Id: I08000986427264ec6238c8fe0a77f5cecdbf1201 Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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an entirely pristine context.
* Configure's -sysroot and -hostprefix are now handled slightly differently.
The QT_INSTALL_... properties are now automatically prefixed with the sysroot;
- the raw values are available as QT_RAW_INSTALL_... and the sysroot as QT_SYSROOT.
+ the raw values are available as QT_INSTALL_.../raw and the sysroot as QT_SYSROOT.
The new QT_HOST_... properties can be used to refer to the Qt host tools.
* Several functions and built-in variables were modified to return normalized paths.