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QTextBoundaryFinder: Fix handling of break opportunities
Add BoundaryReason::BreakOpportunity flag that will be returned by the boundaryReasons() when the boundary finder is at the break opportunity position that might be not an item boundary. This is the same as (StartWord || EndWord) in Grapheme and Sentence modes; in Word and Line modes, BreakOpportunity flag might occur between the words or in between of Line boundaries (e.g. in conjunction with SoftHyphen flag). In other words, the text boundaries are always break opportunities, but not vice versa. StartWord and EndWord flags has been deprecated by new StartOfItem and EndOfItem flags which are not about the word boundaries only. In line breaking, StartOfItem and EndOfItem are set for the mandatory breaks only. Change-Id: I79bf297e2b988f5976f30cff0c8ca616385f6552 Reviewed-by: Konstantin Ritt <>
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variable. qInstallMsgHandler() has been deprecated, and should be replaced with
+* QTextBoundaryFinder
+ - [QTBUG-6498] The word start and word end boundaries detection is now
+ unaware of surrounding white space characters.
+ - SoftHyphen enum value has been added to specify a line break opportunity
+ at a soft hyphen (SHY) character.
+ - MandatoryBreak enum value has been added to specify a mandatory (aka "hard") line breaks.
+ - StartWord/EndWord enum values has been logically replaced with StartOfItem/EndOfItem ones
+ to mention they are not about the word boundaries only.
* Accessibility has been refactored. The hierachy of accessible objects is implemented via