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QTestLib: clean up qCompare specialisation/overload mix
qCompare() was both overloaded and specialised, but always as a template. This lead to the QIcon specialisation actually invoking qCompare(QFlags<void*>, ...) when specifically asking for qCompare<void*>() (detected by adding underlying-type detection to QFlags). Fix by preferring overloading and not specialising anything. Change-Id: Ie001ebb9dfb0847c6c33a3f45177a61579fd61ee Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <>
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like SkipSingle -- skipping a non-data-driven test function or skipping
only the current data row of a data-driven test function. Every skipped
data row is now reported in the test log.
+ * The qCompare() function template was both overloaded and specialised, which
+ made it almost impossible to specialise the correct primary template and
+ could lead to indecipherable error messages or surprising overload resolution
+ (such as going via qCompare(QFlags<void*>,int) to satisfy a request for
+ qCompare<void*>()). Now, specialisation has been replaced by overloading.
+ As a consquence, code such as qCompare<QString>(l, r) will no longer use the
+ QString-specific implementation and may fail to compile. We recommend you
+ replace specialisations with overloading, too. Also, don't pass explicit
+ template arguments to qCompare (e.g. qCompare<QString>(l, r)), but let
+ overload resolution pick the correct one, and cast arguments in case of
+ ambiguous overloads (e.g. qCompare(QString(l), r)). The resulting code will
+ continue to work against older QtTestlib versions.
- The QSsl::TlsV1 enum value was renamed to QSsl::TlsV1_0 .