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Update ChangeLog for 5.2.0 [QtCore]
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@@ -55,6 +55,31 @@ information about a particular change.
+ - Added QCollator, a class to collate Unicode strings.
+ - Added QCommandLineParser, a class to parse command lines.
+ - Added QFileSelector, a class to select platform-specific file assets.
+ - Added QLoggingCategory and related functions for logging
+ - [QTBUG-23946] Fixed a bug that prevented Qt from being built in a
+ namespace on Mac OS X.
+ - Updated the locale database to CLDR 23.1
+ - Added support for ARMv8 64-bit mode.
+ - Metatype system (QMetaType & QVariant):
+ * Qt now handles metatypes automatically for std::vector, std::list,
+ std::pair and std::map
+ * The metatype system now supports registering explicit conversion
+ functions via QMetaType::registerConverter
+ * The metatype system now supports iteration over a container type via
+ QSequentialIterable and QAssociativeIterable
+ * Registering the same type name twice will now print only a warning (as
+ opposed to aborting the execution of the program)
+ - Qt Containers:
+ * In debug mode, the Qt containers will now verify whether the iterators
+ passed to most mutating functions belong to the iterator in question.
+ * Fixed a number of bugs that would modify shared containers when calling
+ erase(), under corner-case conditions.
- QtAlgorithms
With STL no longer being optional for building and using Qt, a number of parts
of QtAlgorithms no longer make sense, and have therefore been deprecated.
@@ -84,6 +109,16 @@ QtCore
- qLess (std::less)
- qGreater (std::greater)
+ - QByteArray:
+ * Added QByteArray::Base64Url and QByteArray::OmitTrailingEquals flags
+ for QByteArray::toBase64 and fromBase64.
+ * [QTBUG-34694] Fixed a bug that would cause QByteArray to overflow some
+ size calculations.
+ - QCoreApplication:
+ * [QTBUG-15379][QTBUG-30628] Fixed a bug that caused Qt to mis-parse a
+ command-line argument like -DKEY=\"VALUE\" on Windows.
- QDateTime:
* [QTBUG-26161][QTBUG-29666] Fully implement support for Qt::TimeSpec of
Qt::OffsetFromUTC, added new methods for offsetFromUTC(),
@@ -100,19 +135,79 @@ QtCore
* Added new method isDaylightTime() to return if the datetime is in
Daylight Time or not.
- * Add support for a new Qt::TimeZone spec to be used with QTimeZone to
+ * Added support for a new Qt::TimeZone spec to be used with QTimeZone to
define times in a specific time zone.
+ * Added Qt::RFC2822Date format that can be passed to QDateTime and
+ QLocale formatters and parsers.
+ * Fixed a bug that caused QDate::toString() to return empty for dates
+ with years beyond 9999.
+ - QFileSystemWatcher:
+ * [QTBUG-33211] Fixed a bug that caused QFileSystemWatcher to emit change
+ notifications with the wrong path on Linux.
- QJson:
* [QTBUG-33229] The Writer and the Parser now fully accept non-character
unicode points.
+ * The Writer will no longer write inf, -inf and nan for infinites and NaN
+ values, which resulted in parsing back as strings. Instead, it will now
+ output null.
+ * The Writer now emits numeric values with full numeric precision. This
+ also allows QJson to support integer values with no loss of precision
+ up to 2^53.
- QJsonValue:
- * Added QJsonValue::toInt().
+ * Added QJsonValue::toInt(). QJsonValue can store 32-bit signed integers
+ with no loss of precision.
+ - QObject:
+ * New-style signal connections to functors, lambdas, and static functions
+ now works with a receiver object. The connection will be removed when
+ the either the sender or receiver objects are destroyed.
+ - QPluginLoader:
+ * QPluginLoader will no longer load the plugins on Mac OS X and iOS
+ systems when scanning for valid plugins.
+ * Added QPluginLoader::staticPlugins(), which returns the list of
+ built-in plugins (linked to the executable and any loaded libraries).
+ - QProcess:
+ * [QTBUG-32958] Fixed a bug that would cause QProcess to crash if
+ waitForStarted() were called after an unsuccessful start()
+ * Added QProcess::nullDevice(), which returns the platform's "blackhole"
+ device (/dev/null on Unix, NUL on Windows). This can be used with
+ QProcess::setStandardOutputFile.
+ * Added enum values QProcess::ForwardedOutputChannel and
+ QProcess::ForwardedErrorChannel, which allow for more fine-grained
+ control over which channel is forwarded and which one is captured.
+ * Added QProcess::ForwardedInputChannel, which allows for stdin to be
+ forwarded to this process's input.
+ * [QTBUG-32979] On Unix, QProcess now correctly forwards the siginfo_t
+ and context parameters of the signal handler to the previous handler.
+ - QScopedPointer:
+ * Added QScopedPointerDeleteLater, a new class that can be used as the
+ second template to QScopedPointer and will call deleteLater() on the
+ pointer when it goes out of scope.
+ - QSocketNotifier:
+ * Fixed a bug that caused socket notifiers not to be re-enabled after
+ they had been activated on BlackBerry.
- QStandardPaths:
* QStandardPaths::enableTestMode is deprecated and is replaced by
+ * Added QStandardPaths::GenericConfigLocation, which refers to a location
+ where applications can store config files to be shared with other
+ applications.
+ - QThread:
+ * Added an advisory interrupt mechanism (QThread::requestInterruption and
+ QThread::isInterruptionRequested).
+ - QThreadPool:
+ * Added method clear() to remove any queued QRunnables.
+ * Fixed a number of race conditions.
- QTime:
* [QTBUG-30250] When calling QTime::toString(Qt::TextDate) and
@@ -132,6 +227,18 @@ QtCore
* [QTBUG-33229] QUrl now fully accepts non-character unicode points;
they are encoded as percent characters; they can also be pretty
+ * Added QUrl::RemoveFilename flag which can be passed to path(),
+ authority() and toString() and will cause the filename part of the path
+ (the contents after the last '/') to be removed.
+ * Added QUrl::fileName(), which returns just the filename part of the
+ path.
+ * Added QUrl::NormalizePathSegments flag, which will cause QUrl to
+ remove "/./" or "/../" sequences as much as possible. It will not
+ remove "/../" from the beginning of the path.
+ * Added QUrl::adjusted(), which returns a new QUrl with certain parts of
+ the original URL removed or normalized.
+ * Added QUrl::matches(), which can be used to compare parts of two URLs
+ or to compare two URLs after normalization.
- QUtf8:
* [QTBUG-33229] UTF-8 now accepts non-character unicode points; these
@@ -140,6 +247,8 @@ QtCore
- QVariant:
* Fixed QVariant::canConvert with longlong
* Variant containing enum types can now be converted to integer
+ * [QTBUG-33981] Fixed a bug that would cause QPolygonF to be saved or
+ loaded incorrectly in QDataStream.
@@ -420,11 +529,25 @@ Qt for Android
build files for the APK package should not be touched. Customizing
the build files is possible. Read the documentation for androiddeployqt
for more information.
- Status bar visibility is now controlled by Qt, so the window state will
override settings in the AndroidManifest.xml. The default is still to
show the status bar (QWindow::showMaximized()). Use
QWindow::showFullScreen() to hide it.
+ - Implemented support for accessibility on Android.
+Qt for OS X
+ - Qt for OS X is now identified by the macro Q_OS_OSX. This complements the
+ existing Q_OS_DARWIN macro (which identifies the open source kernel and
+ could identify non-Apple products) and Q_OS_MAC, which is defined for
+ both OS X and iOS. The old macro Q_OS_MACX is now deprecated.
+ - Qt no longer complains about new versions of OS X that haven't been
+ released yet. This will allow Qt 5.2 and future versions to build on
+ future versions yet to be released. Note that those versions are not
+ supported until official announcement by the Qt Project.
+ - Added a number of functions to QtCore to convert to and from
+ CFString/NSString and QString, CFURL/NSURL and QUrl.