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QDateTime: Remove Julian Calendar
Convert QDate to only use Gregorian calendar and not Julian calendar before 1582. In future the Julian can be used via proper calendar classes. Change-Id: I547a3550332057a0ab1be616706630b6afaceffc Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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in Qt 4 they returned a null QString or a null QStringRef.
* QDate, QTime, and QDateTime have undergone important behavioural changes:
+ * QDate only implements the Gregorian calendar, the switch to the Julian
+ calendar before 1582 has been removed. This means all QDate methods will
+ return different results for dates prior to 15 October 1582, and there is
+ no longer a gap between 4 October 1582 and 15 October 1582.
* QDate::setYMD() is deprecated, use QDate::setDate() instead
* Most methods now apply strict validity checks and will return appropriate
and consistent values when invalid. For example, QDate::year() will return