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Fix QTemporaryFile regressions and new found issues
With this change, the file template is always processed in original QString format. Trying to generate native paths before adding a missing placeholder mask could change the meaning of templates, such as "." and "..", which are now tested to mean "..XXXXXX" and "...XXXXXX", respectively. After ensuring the template includes a placeholder mask, the path is converted to a native *absolute* file path and the mask is sought for again. On Windows, native paths were already absolute. On Symbian, we'd need at least a clean path, as "." and ",," are not natively understood. There is a requirement that the placeholder mask /XXXXXX+/ makes it through this conversion unaltered, which relaxes prior requirements on *nix platforms. On Windows and Symbian the conversion is under Qt's control and not user-configurable. Reviewed-by: Shane Kearns (cherry picked from commit 401722ef9e6fe79bd41f9d5f79668f5c4997c8e6) Conflicts: tests/auto/qtemporaryfile/tst_qtemporaryfile.cpp Change-Id: Iac823881c865adf0931dc4f429c6c1ef135eeb56 Reviewed-by: João Abecasis <>
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