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Doc: Fixed QDoc's navigation mechanism.
The HTML pages need to display minimal navigation such as a link to the module landing page or Qt 5's index.html. -new variables available in qdocconf files: navigation.landingpage navigation.homepage navigation.cppclassespage navigation.qmltypespage buildversion The navigation variables are for the new navigation bar. The buildversion variable is to insert documentation build information into the pages. Note about compatibility with Qt Creator docs: The HTML template files for Qt Creator is retained to keep Qt Creator compatible with 5.0.x and 5.1.x. Change-Id: Ibb4d7cada19644204457d822b6b77b2aa7b70f8d Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <> Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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+#The default configuration for a Qt 5 module, including Add-Ons and Tools.
+#Include this file for a standard Qt 5 module. This file is provided for
+#compatibility reasons. = Qt Project
-dita.metadata.default.permissions = all
-dita.metadata.default.publisher = Qt Project
-dita.metadata.default.copyryear = 2013
-dita.metadata.default.copyrholder = Digia Plc
-dita.metadata.default.audience = programmer
-naturallanguage = en_US
-outputencoding = UTF-8
-sourceencoding = UTF-8
-examples.fileextensions = "*.cpp *.h *.js *.xq *.svg *.xml *.ui *.qhp *.qhcp *.qml *.css"
-examples.imageextensions = "*.png *.jpg *.gif"
-headers.fileextensions = "*.ch *.h *.h++ *.hh *.hpp *.hxx"
-sources.fileextensions = "*.c++ *.cc *.cpp *.cxx *.mm *.qml *.qdoc"
-versionsym = QT_VERSION_STR
-macro.raisedaster.HTML = "<sup>*</sup>"
-#include the external websites
-sourcedirs += externalsites
+#The default is the offline style. The alternate style is in