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Re-enable native print/pagesetup dialogs on Mac OS X
Since QtPrintSupport does not have access to the internals of the print engine on Mac OS X (it lives in the platform plugin). We instead use the NSPrintInfoFromPrintEngine() invokable method in QPlatformNativeInterface to return an NSPrintInfo* that we can use where needed, or we use QPrintEngine::property()/setProperty() to communicate with the engine. This commit disables the generic UNIX dialogs and CUPS support on Mac OS X, ensuring that the default format on Mac OS X is the QPrinter::NativeFormat (previously qprinter.cpp would force PdfFormat as default on Q_OS_UNIX which is also defined on Mac OS X). The rest of the changes are straight forward porting. The methods: extern void macStartInterceptWindowTitle(QWidget *window); extern void macStopInterceptWindowTitle(); don't exist anymore, so don't use them. QMacCocoaAutoReleasePool also doens't work, so use NSAutoreleasePool directly. Change-Id: I341609e5efa53cadf8d174e4b282cbcae93e39e8 Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <>
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