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Long live QUrlQuery
This class is meant to replace the QUrl functionality that handled key-value pairs in the query part of an URL. We therefore split the URL parsing code from the code dealing with the pairs: QUrl now only needs to deal with one encoded string, without knowing what it is. Since it doesn't know how to decode the query, QUrl also becomes limited in what it can decode. Following the letter of the RFC, queries will not encode "gen-delims" nor "sub-delims" nor the plus sign (+), thus allowing the most common delimiters options to remain unchanged. QUrlQuery has some undefined behaviour when it comes to empty query keys. It may drop them or keep them; it may merge them, etc. Change-Id: Ia61096fe5060b486196ffb8532e7494eff58fec1 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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//! [4]
//! [4]