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SecureTransport - implement renegotiations
After a handshake was completed, TLS socket is in 'connectionEncrypted' state. So on a read notification, in 'transmit', we call 'SSLRead' to read supposedly encrypted application data or TLS internal messages. In case SSLRead finds either ClientHello or HelloRequest from a server, it attempts in a rather sneaky manner to renegotiate. And as it happens here and there with SecureTransport, SSLRead fails and the work is only half-done, since we have kSSLSessionOptionBreakOnServerAuth and kSSLSessionOptionBreakOnCertRequested options set to 'true'. We end up with completely unexpected errors like errSSLClientCertRequested or errSSLPeerAuthCompleted (yes, this is so normal and totally expected for 'SSLRead' function to verify certificates and WRITE messages, no need to document this at all!). If SecureTransport is sneaky, so can be us: - in a read callback SecureTransport is probing the type of record and we can notice a sudden session state change - it goes from kSSLConnected (which is set upon handshake completion) to kSSLHandshake (which means a (re)handshake is ongoing); - if this is the case - we lie to SecureTransport about the amount of data available (0 bytes), set 'renegotiating' to 'true', return errSSLWouldBlock; - in 'transmit', if SSLRead returns errSSLWouldBlock and 'renegotiating' was set, we call 'startHandshake' until isHandshakeComplete() == true or some error encountered. [ChangeLog][QtNetwork][QSslSocket] Implement renegotiation for SecureTransport backend Task-number: QTBUG-69420 Change-Id: Iaab1336aa3abf3f6ac94b358f3142d2738a18ee9 Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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