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@@ -3,36 +3,5 @@ concurrent programming which includes implementations of the well-known
map-reduce and filter-reduce algorithms.
-The example launcher provided with Qt can be used to explore each of the
-examples in this directory.
-Documentation for these examples can be found via the Tutorial and Examples
+Documentation for these examples can be found via the Examples
link in the main Qt documentation.
-Finding the Qt Examples and Demos launcher
-On Windows:
-The launcher can be accessed via the Windows Start menu. Select the menu
-entry entitled "Qt Examples and Demos" entry in the submenu containing
-the Qt tools.
-On Mac OS X:
-For the binary distribution, the qtdemo executable is installed in the
-/Developer/Applications/Qt directory. For the source distribution, it is
-installed alongside the other Qt tools on the path specified when Qt is
-On Unix/Linux:
-The qtdemo executable is installed alongside the other Qt tools on the path
-specified when Qt is configured.
-On all platforms:
-The source code for the launcher can be found in the demos/qtdemo directory
-in the Qt package. This example is built at the same time as the Qt libraries,
-tools, examples, and demonstrations.