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Doc: Fix module name format
Follow the conventions at QtCore -> Qt Core QtDBus -> Qt D-Bus QtDesigner -> Qt Designer QtGui -> Qt GUI QtImageFormats -> Qt Image Formats QtNetwork -> Qt Network QtPrintSupport -> Qt Print Support QtScript -> Qt Script QtSql -> Qt SQL QtSvg -> Qt SVG QtTest -> Qt Test QtWebKit -> Qt WebKit QtWidgets -> Qt Widgets QtXml -> Qt XML QtConcurrent -> Qt Concurrent (partial) QtQuick -> Qt Quick (partial) Also, distinguish between "module" and "library" Change-Id: Icb8aa695ae60b0e45920b0c8fce4dc763a12b0cd Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <>
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@@ -424,6 +424,6 @@ void MainWindow::about()
"are kept in a database, while each album's tracks are stored "
"in an XML file. </p><p>The example also shows how to add as "
"well as remove data from both the database and the "
- "associated XML file using the API provided by the QtSql and "
- "QtXml modules, respectively.</p>"));
+ "associated XML file using the API provided by the Qt SQL and "
+ "Qt XML modules, respectively.</p>"));