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+Getting Started How to familiarize yourself with Qt Designer
+ Launching Designer Running the Qt Designer application
+ The User Interface How to interact with Qt Designer
+Designing a Component Creating a GUI for your application
+ Creating a Dialog How to create a dialog
+ Composing the Dialog Putting widgets into the dialog example
+ Creating a Layout Arranging widgets on a form
+ Signal and Slot Connections Making widget communicate with each other
+Using a Component in Your Application Generating code from forms
+ The Direct Approach Using a form without any adjustments
+ The Single Inheritance Approach Subclassing a form's base class
+ The Multiple Inheritance Approach Subclassing the form itself
+ Automatic Connections Connecting widgets using a naming scheme
+ A Dialog Without Auto-Connect How to connect widgets without a naming scheme
+ A Dialog With Auto-Connect Using automatic connections
+Form Editing Mode How to edit a form in Qt Designer
+ Managing Forms Loading and saving forms
+ Editing a Form Basic editing techniques
+ The Property Editor Changing widget properties
+ The Object Inspector Examining the hierarchy of objects on a form
+ Layouts Objects that arrange widgets on a form
+ Applying and Breaking Layouts Managing widgets in layouts
+ Horizontal and Vertical Layouts Standard row and column layouts
+ The Grid Layout Arranging widgets in a matrix
+ Previewing Forms Checking that the design works
+Using Containers How to group widgets together
+ General Features Common container features
+ Frames QFrame
+ Group Boxes QGroupBox
+ Stacked Widgets QStackedWidget
+ Tab Widgets QTabWidget
+ Toolbox Widgets QToolBox
+Connection Editing Mode Connecting widgets together with signals and slots
+ Connecting Objects Making connections in Qt Designer
+ Editing Connections Changing existing connections