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preserve HTML heading level in QTextBlockFormat; demonstrate in example
When reading an HTML file with <H1> for example, we still set the font size as before (that's how it always was done), but now it remembers that it came from an H1 tag, so it writes <h1 ...><span font-size:xx-large ...> ... rather than <p ...><span ...> ... This will help with the upcoming Markdown format, where heading level is saved but the font is not. Now the style combobox in examples/widgets/richtext/textedit can set list item type, heading type or "standard" formatting, and also shows the current formatting of the line that has the cursor. It was always a shortcoming in this example that it only allowed setting the current line's block format but had no feedback to show the current format. Change-Id: I0a7849b74f23fea84d3375c487c3a6b9f43240c1 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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