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Fix AUTOMOC and friends to run only once the tools are built
While building on macOS, AUTOMOC sometimes hanged indefinitely. The problem was that AUTOMOC was executed for the qmacstyle plugin before moc was actually built. Because of an upstream bug in CMake, AUTOMOC was caught in a deadlock without reporting that spawning the moc process failed. Specifically if a libuv spawn() call failed, the condition variable for a waiting thread was not notified, and the thread kept waiting forever for the process launch to finish. Fix the dependency by setting the AUTOGEN_TARGET_DEPENDS property on all targets that have AUTOGEN tools enabled. This makes sure that moc and friends are built before they are used. Also add some special cases to disable autogen tools on certain targets to break cycles between targets. Fixes: QTBUG-74636 Change-Id: I6e689e63cba1962525f169f332a58498d173c0a6 Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <> Reviewed-by: Mikhail Svetkin <>
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