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Doc: Clean up threading examples
- Example 3 (Clock) is a collection of anti-patterns. - It implements a slot in a QThread subclass and then forces the new thread to use Qt::DirectConnection to invoke the slot in the "wrong" thread. - It talks about getting away with non-thread-safe usage - It uses a thread as a timer and then admits that it's an over- complicated approach. - Example 4 (Permanent Thread) is over-complicated yet incomplete. A better one exists in the QThread class ref. - Example 1 (Thread Pool) is covered by the QThreadPool class ref. - Example 2 (QtConcurrent::run()) is covered in the "Threading and Concurrent Programming Examples" page and the "QtConcurrentRun" page. - The undocumented "Hello Thread" example is covered in the QThread class ref. - These examples cannot be accessed from Qt Creator's Examples tool. - These examples are neither widget-related nor tutorials, contrary to their source paths. Task-number: QTBUG-33360 Change-Id: Ic79cb764ee925ddbcbeafee8e1d01db7fe0f6cfe Reviewed-by: Topi Reiniƶ <> Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <>
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-QT -= gui
-CONFIG += console
-CONFIG -= app_bundle
-SOURCES += main.cpp \
- hellothread.cpp
-HEADERS += hellothread.h
-# install
-target.path = $$[QT_INSTALL_EXAMPLES]/widgets/tutorials/threads/hellothread
-INSTALLS += target