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We first set the pen and brush we will use for painting. The \c
mode parameter can be either \c Editable or \c ReadOnly. If \c
mode is editable, we use the \l{QPalette::}{Highlight} color
- instead of the \l{QPalette::}{Foreground} color to draw the
+ instead of the \l{QPalette::}{WindowText} color to draw the
Then we draw the stars. If we are in \c Edit mode, we paint
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We initialize the palette. Palettes have various
\l{QPalette::ColorRole}{color roles}, such as QPalette::Base
(used for filling text editors, item views, etc.), QPalette::Text
- (used for foreground text), and QPalette::Background (used for
+ (used for foreground text), and QPalette::Window (used for
the background of most widgets). Each role has its own QBrush,
which usually is a plain color but can also be a brush pattern or
even a texture (a QPixmap).
@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@
\li If the button is a \l{QPushButton::flat}{flat button}, we use
- the \l{QPalette::Background}{Background} brush. We set \c
+ the \l{QPalette::Window}{Window} brush. We set \c
darker to \c true if the button is
\l{QAbstractButton::down}{down} or
@@ -350,7 +350,7 @@
The bottom-right part of the outline is drawn in a similar
fashion. Then we draw a one-pixel wide outline around the entire
- button, using the \l{QPalette::Foreground}{Foreground} component
+ button, using the \l{QPalette::WindowText}{WindowText} component
of the QPalette.
This completes the QStyle::PE_PanelButtonCommand case of the \c