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Do not mention Qt XML's SAX API anymore in examples/xml/README
The SAX API in in Qt XML got deprecated, and examples using it removed in commit 82d02b7b95908. Pick-to: 5.15 Change-Id: I39b71378c0f797e82431c8a0e12255626ed145ed Reviewed-by: Sona Kurazyan <>
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-XML parsing and handling is supported through SAX and DOM compliant APIs.
-Qt's SAX compliant classes allow you to parse XML incrementally; the DOM
-classes enable more complex document-level operations to be performed on
-XML files.
+XML parsing and handling is supported through DOM compliant APIs.
+For reading or writing XML documents iteratively we recommend
+using Qt Core's QXmlStreamReader and QXmlStreamWriter classes.
Documentation for these examples can be found via the Examples
link in the main Qt documentation.