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QDBusMetaTypeId: don't cache the result of qMetaTypeId<>() in static ints
There's not much point in caching the result of qMetaTypeId<>, because it's already internally memoised. In addition, the code that initialised the static int caches wasn't protected against concurrent access under the assumption that the operations performed were thread-safe. That is true for most of them, but not for the stores to the static ints, which race against each other: // Thread A // Thread B r1 = initialized /*=false*/ r1 = initialized /*=false*/ r2 = qMetaTypeId<...>(); r2 = qMetaTypeId<...>(); message = r2; message = r2; // race, ditto for all other ints To fix, turn the ints into inline functions that just call the respective qMetaTypeId<>() function. Change-Id: I5aa80c624872c3867232abc26ffdcde70cd54022 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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