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macOS: rename 'macintosh' style to 'macos'
Change the name/key of the style to 'macos'. Besides the name 'macintosh' being archaic, we also need this change to avoid creating 'macintosh' style folders in QtQuickControls, now that we plan to use QPlatformTheme also there to resolve the style. [ChangeLog][Widgets][QStyle] The 'macintosh' style has been renamed to 'macos'. Change-Id: I14b8a8b4dbd369e7a7d16b94e4ad27e501e7e8d0 Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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currently available GUI styles using
QStyleFactory. QStyleFactory::keys() returns a list of valid keys,
typically including "windows" and "fusion". Depending on the platform,
- "windowsvista" and "macintosh" may be available.
+ "windowsvista" and "macos" may be available.
We create one action for each key, and adds the action to the
action group. Also, for each action, we call QAction::setData()
@@ -666,7 +666,7 @@
For each action, we first extract the style name using
QAction::data(). Since this is only a QStyleFactory key (e.g.,
- "macintosh"), we cannot compare it directly to the current
+ "macos"), we cannot compare it directly to the current
style's class name. We need to create a QStyle object using the
static QStyleFactory::create() function and compare the class
name of the created QStyle object with that of the current style.