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\example qtconcurrent/imagescaling
\title Image Scaling Example
- \bried Demonstrates how to asynchronously scale images.
+ \brief Demonstrates how to asynchronously scale images.
\ingroup qtconcurrentexamples
+ \image imagescaling_example.png
The QtConcurrent Map example shows how to use the asynchronous
QtConcurrent API to load and scale a collection of images.
- \image imagescaling_example.png
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\example mandelbrot
\title Mandelbrot Example
- \brief Demonstrates multi-thread programming using Qt
\ingroup qtconcurrent-mtexamples
- \brief The Mandelbrot example shows how to use a worker thread to
+ \brief The Mandelbrot example demonstrates multi-thread programming
+ using Qt. It shows how to use a worker thread to
perform heavy computations without blocking the main thread's
event loop.
+ \image mandelbrot-example.png Screenshot of the Mandelbrot example
The heavy computation here is the Mandelbrot set, probably the
world's most famous fractal. These days, while sophisticated
programs such as \l{}{XaoS} that provide real-time zooming in the
Mandelbrot set, the standard Mandelbrot algorithm is just slow
enough for our purposes.
- \image mandelbrot-example.png Screenshot of the Mandelbrot example
In real life, the approach described here is applicable to a
large set of problems, including synchronous network I/O and
database access, where the user interface must remain responsive