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\image appicon_screenshot.png The icon on a Nokia XPressMusic 5800
- \section1 Creating an icon for Maemo
- Maemo expects the icon of an application to be a 64x64 PNG image file. The
- file name of the icon should be the same as the executable with a \c .png
- extension. You also need a \c .desktop file that gives the window manager
- hints about the application, such as name, type and icon.
- \quotefile applicationicon/applicationicon.desktop
- The \c Icon field should also contain the name of the executable. On the
- device, application icons are stored in the
- \c /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps directory
- and desktop files in the \c /usr/share/applications/hildon directory.
\section1 Adding the icons to the project
For Maemo, we need to add that the \c .desktop and icon file should be
- \quotefile applicationicon/
+ \quotefile widgets/applicationicon/
Currently, Qt Creator doesn't include the icon and desktop files in the
application package for Maemo, merely the executable file is included. As a