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Make tst_QNumeric more systematic about checking float as well as double
Do this by templating the floating-point tests, which removes some existing duplication as well as avoiding new duplication. Did some renaming in the process. Added some tests of fuzzyCompare that come closer to its boundary. Increased number of tests from 69 to 97. Use std::numeric_limits to replace assorted hard-coded constants and old C-library boundary-value macros. It turns out MSVC's float conflates quiet and signaling NaN (although MinGW's doesn't); and WebAssembly's old fastcomp compiler conflates NaNs for both float and double; so XFAIL the test for distinct NaNs in those cases. Change-Id: I0a1c0d2f68f75d51b8cda9e3ddfe7fa9c190a3e2 Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot <> Reviewed-by: Erik Verbruggen <>
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