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+ \example books
+ \title Books
+ \ingroup sql_examples
+ \brief Shows how to use Qt SQL classes with a model/view framework.
+ The Books example shows how Qt's SQL classes can be used with the model/view
+ framework to create rich user interfaces for information stored in a database.
+ \image books-demo.png
+ Information about a collection of books is held in a database. The books are
+ catalogued by author, title, genre, and year of publication. Although each of
+ these fields can be displayed and edited using standard widgets, an additional
+ field describing an arbitrary rating for the book needs something extra.
+ Books are rated using a system where each is allocated a number of stars; the
+ more a book has, the better it is supposed to be. By clicking on a cell
+ containing the rating, the number of stars can be modified, and the rating in
+ the database is updated.