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fix bootstrapped modules in framework builds, take 2
the borrowing of headers always happens from "proper" modules which are actually built as frameworks if so requested. that means that even though the borrowing module itself never is a framework, it needs a framework path and include paths that point into frameworks. amends 20c7ab44. Change-Id: Ic582060dd179cc592e9be7792ff02cebdfabd772 Reviewed-by: Ulf Hermann <> Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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diff --git a/mkspecs/features/qt_module_headers.prf b/mkspecs/features/qt_module_headers.prf
index 0e04b46448..190ce753ef 100644
--- a/mkspecs/features/qt_module_headers.prf
+++ b/mkspecs/features/qt_module_headers.prf
@@ -59,7 +59,9 @@ load(qt_build_paths)
# even beyond the module's own build. The implication of this is that
# qmake might never use a framework's headers in a non-prefix build,
# as there is no separate set of .pri files for users outside Qt.
-prefix_build:lib_bundle: \
+# Borrowing is assumed to happen from modules which, in a framework build,
+# actually are frameworks.
+prefix_build:module_frameworks: \
fwd = _FWD
# When using a split include path during the build, the installed module's
# include path is also structurally different from that in the build dir.
@@ -82,7 +84,7 @@ for(mod, MODULE_INCNAME) {
generated_privates: \
MODULE$${sfwd}$${prv}_INCLUDES += $$mbibase/$$VERSION $$mbibase/$$VERSION/$$mod
- prefix_build:lib_bundle {
+ prefix_build:module_frameworks {
mfbase = \$\$QT_MODULE_LIB_BASE/$${mod}.framework/Headers
MODULE$${prv}_INCLUDES += $$mfbase/$$VERSION $$mfbase/$$VERSION/$$mod