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authorTor Arne Vestbø <>2013-11-26 17:05:00 +0100
committerTor Arne Vestbø <>2014-07-31 18:37:05 +0200
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Xcode: Reference files by absolute path, and name them by basename only
Xcode uses project and group relative file paths, but to keep things simple for ourselves we use absolute paths everywhere. We now make an effort to actually make these paths absolute before telling Xcode they are. We also make the visual representation of the files inside Xcode be just the filename, not the full path, like Xcode itself does. This is among other things a prerequisite for Xcode to stop complaining about missing launch images for retina 4-inch screens. Change-Id: I5ff6bf07f61888e3c9fe2f64cbc2beb896b8442d Reviewed-by: Andy Shaw <>
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diff --git a/qmake/generators/mac/pbuilder_pbx.h b/qmake/generators/mac/pbuilder_pbx.h
index 8813a190a9..feb3f42c8f 100644
--- a/qmake/generators/mac/pbuilder_pbx.h
+++ b/qmake/generators/mac/pbuilder_pbx.h
@@ -63,7 +63,6 @@ class ProjectBuilderMakefileGenerator : public UnixMakefileGenerator
ProStringList fixListForOutput(const char *where);
ProStringList fixListForOutput(const ProStringList &list);
int reftypeForFile(const QString &where);
- QString sourceTreeForFile(const QString &where);
QString projectSuffix() const;
enum { SettingsAsList=0x01, SettingsNoQuote=0x02 };
inline QString writeSettings(const QString &var, const char *val, int flags=0, int indent_level=0)