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authorTor Arne Vestbø <>2018-06-06 12:44:18 +0200
committerAkseli Salovaara <>2018-06-06 21:28:10 +0000
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xcode: Take effective platform name into account for configuration build dirv5.9.6
The default value for CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR includes EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME, but when overriding it in 554e44b77 we only used the CONFIGURATION variable. This left the .app in iOS builds in Debug instead of Debug-iphoneos, breaking deployment from within Qt Creator, which had this directory hard-coded. We now include EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME to restore the original destination for the .app bundle. Task-number: QTBUG-68705 Change-Id: If304193d3e351e19fb84d250a62ae331af6966c6 Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <> (cherry picked from commit 689a071e843dfbac49901018ba3c49b08e22fd94) Reviewed-by: Antti Kokko <> Reviewed-by: Iikka Eklund <>
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diff --git a/qmake/generators/mac/pbuilder_pbx.cpp b/qmake/generators/mac/pbuilder_pbx.cpp
index 6ef60e97b2..a777e001b2 100644
--- a/qmake/generators/mac/pbuilder_pbx.cpp
+++ b/qmake/generators/mac/pbuilder_pbx.cpp
@@ -1612,7 +1612,7 @@ ProjectBuilderMakefileGenerator::writeMakeParts(QTextStream &t)
// The configuration build dir however is not treated as excluded,
// so we can safely point it to the root output dir.
t << "\t\t\t\t" << writeSettings("CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR",
- Option::output_dir + Option::dir_sep + "$(CONFIGURATION)") << ";\n";
+ Option::output_dir + Option::dir_sep + "$(CONFIGURATION)$(EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME)") << ";\n";
if (!project->isEmpty("DESTDIR")) {
ProString dir = project->first("DESTDIR");