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authorYuhang Zhao <>2020-05-04 16:35:22 +0800
committerYuhang Zhao <>2020-05-11 21:23:18 +0800
commitef8640596c77dfd25ac0fe790bf265e581da29b1 (patch)
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parenta1ccedeb440216dce87fad01746935a89fd8715e (diff)
qmake: Fix handling of manifest file of msvc
Setting the QMAKE_MANIFEST variable doesn't have any effect for MSVC. This commit fixes that. If the developer is setting this variable, he/she will definitely use CONFIG-=embed_manifest_exe or CONFIG-=embed_manifest_dll at the same time, so I think there is no need to check this. Change-Id: Ie32b7e0cded71efcf14bf4c0eecab5ab1944fa2c Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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diff --git a/qmake/generators/win32/mingw_make.h b/qmake/generators/win32/mingw_make.h
index 8cae28a78b..6ab1c95a94 100644
--- a/qmake/generators/win32/mingw_make.h
+++ b/qmake/generators/win32/mingw_make.h
@@ -41,7 +41,6 @@ protected:
ProString fixLibFlag(const ProString &lib) override;
bool processPrlFileBase(QString &origFile, const QStringRef &origName,
const QStringRef &fixedBase, int slashOff) override;
- QString getManifestFileForRcFile() const override;
bool writeMakefile(QTextStream &) override;
void init() override;
QString installRoot() const override;