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Make QIcon generate high-dpi pixmaps.
QIcon::pixmap() can now return pixmaps that are larger than the requested size, This is a behavior change that may require updating existing application code, and is enabled by setting Qt::AA_UseHighDPIIamges. Add new pixmap() and actualSize() overloads that take a window pointer. For 100% correctness you want to target pixmap generation to a specific window, in case the system has a mix of normal and high-dpi displays. (The non-window versions uses QGuiApplication:: devicePixelRatio(), which returns the ratio for the "best" display on the system.) actualSize now returns the size in device-independent pixels - not the pixmap pixel size. This matches its intended use case which is layout calculations. Change-Id: I2eefc4ed4aa48b036a7019446694e56213070efa Reviewed-by: Gabriel de Dietrich <>
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