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\snippet code/ 39
+ \target LIBS_PRIVATE
+ \section1 LIBS_PRIVATE
+ Specifies a list of libraries to be linked privately into the project.
+ The behavior of this variable is identical to \l LIBS, except that
+ shared library projects built for Unix do not expose these dependencies
+ in their link interface.
+ The effect of this is that if project C depends on library B which
+ depends on library A privately, but C also wants to use symbols from A
+ directly, it needs to link to A explicitly. Put differently, libraries
+ linked privately are not exposed transitively at build time.
\section1 LITERAL_HASH
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To specify libraries in a project file, use \l LIBS instead.
+ Specifies additional private libraries each project needs to
+ link against.
+ The value of this variable is typically handled by qmake or
+ \l{#QMAKESPEC}{qmake.conf} and rarely needs to be modified.
+ To specify private libraries in a library project file,
+ use \l LIBS_PRIVATE instead.
\section1 QMAKE_LIBS_EGL
Specifies all EGL libraries when building Qt with OpenGL/ES