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Convert <pre> to Markdown ``` and vice-versa with nonBreakableLinesHEADdev
The HTML parser calls QTextBlockFormat::setNonBreakableLines(true) when it sees a <pre> tag; so for symmetry, the markdown reader now does the same when it sees a fenced code block, and the markdown writer honors the nonBreakableLines property by writing a fenced code block. This preserves the meaning better when reading HTML and writing markdown or vice-versa, without modifying HTML reading or writing code. Added a test tst_QTextMarkdownImporter::fencedCodeBlocks() which unfortunately also highlights a known bug in the markdown reader: each fenced code block ends with an extra empty block. That can be fixed separately. tst_QTextMarkdownWriter::fromHtml(preformats with embedded backticks) that we re-enabled in 1abaf9d5d6ea9c6554362e851903ddd214a6f659 was not a very useful test: ``` with a space and some words but no newline is not a fence: it's just like a `monospace` span. We have had trouble with those in CI because of missing monospace fonts, or inconsistency when a supposedly mono font's QFontInfo::fixedPitch() returns false. So just test proper <pre>/fence conversion for now. Pick-to: 6.3 Fixes: QTBUG-100515 Fixes: QTBUG-100981 Task-number: QTBUG-101031 Change-Id: I88f0ede0810d8a9480b30eb0cd780e1af67cc5f2 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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