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Fix bundled HarfBuzz-NG build outside QtGui
On Mac, hb_coretext requires both CTFont and CGFont. Due to not supporting the 0 tag by CoreText, hb_blob_get_data() always fails causing the hb_coretext_shaper initialization to fail, too. Since HarfBuzz-NG is not a part of QtGui module anymore, there are two possibilities to workaround this: either engineer the font data by querying tables one-by-one and generating the font directory table, or pass CTFont and CGFont refs directly to hb_coretext via the hb_face's user_data. This patch implements the latter. Change-Id: I7d2e2df00818ea811642cb6a6c3b9c9abd5d7b94 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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