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Moved d3dcompiler from src/angle to src/angle/src
Even though it is not really part of the angle implementation, having it in source is more consistent with the rest of Qt and makes browsing the code easier. There was also an issue, that only a debug build was done when calling nmake or jom. While moving the implementation this issue was fixed by including config.pri to d3dcompiler's .pro file. Change-Id: I3e3630865c94adbe1a1f1af2ccfc2bcb046002a8 Reviewed-by: Andrew Knight <> Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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TEMPLATE = subdirs
SUBDIRS += src
-angle_d3d11: SUBDIRS += d3dcompiler
# We do it this way instead of letting load(qt_module) handle it for two reasons:
# 1) qt_module_headers assumes the TARGET is the same as the include directory (eg: libGLESv2 != GLES2)