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Use separate Qt5Config.cmake inside build directory
Qt5Config restricts search paths of Qt components to ${_qt5_install_prefix} to prevent accidentally using system Qt modules in case of restricted Qt configuration. However this does not work properly when Qt is used without installation, in particular when building cmake-based QtWebKit as a Qt submodule, because ${_qt5_install_prefix} resolves to QtBase and does not contain components from other modules. This patch changes search path from ${_qt5_install_prefix} to all qt5 subdirectories. Change-Id: Icf01a256097710889573ad69d847b9c3bffa1449 Reviewed-by: Kevin Funk <> Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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+get_filename_component(_qt5_root_dir \"${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/../../../..\" ABSOLUTE)
+file(GLOB qtmodules ${_qt5_root_dir} "${_qt5_root_dir}/*")
+foreach(qtmodule ${qtmodules})
+ if(IS_DIRECTORY ${qtmodule})
+ list(APPEND _qt5_module_paths ${qtmodule})
+ endif()
+set(_qt5_root_dir ${_qt5_install_prefix})
+set(_qt5_module_paths ${_qt5_install_prefix})
+set(_qt5_module_location_template ${_qt5_root_dir})