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Make the animation framework docs more framework-agnostic
* (i.e. do not mention Kinetic) * Add some relevant references to Qt Quick * Refer to QMetaType::Type instead of the obsolete QVariant::Type Change-Id: I82b69250c933c7e54dc0c268fa6ce4379726fb0d Reviewed-by: Paul Olav Tvete <>
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QPropertyAnimation interpolates over \l{Qt's Property System}{Qt
properties}. As property values are stored in \l{QVariant}s, the
class inherits QVariantAnimation, and supports animation of the
- same \l{QVariant::Type}{variant types} as its super class.
+ same \l{QMetaType::Type}{meta types} as its super class.
A class declaring properties must be a QObject. To make it
possible to animate a property, it must provide a setter (so that