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The environment variable \c UNICODEMAP_JP can be used to
fine-tune the JIS, Shift-JIS, and EUC-JP codecs. The mapping
- names are as for the Japanese XML working group's \link
- Japanese Profile\endlink, because it names and explains all the
+ names are as for the Japanese XML working group's
+ \l{XML Japanese Profile},
+ because it names and explains all the
widely used mappings. Here are brief descriptions, written by
Serika Kurusugawa:
@@ -486,11 +486,10 @@
TSCII, formally the Tamil Standard Code Information Interchange
specification, is a commonly used charset for Tamils. The
official page for the standard is at
- \link\endlink
+ \l{}
This codec uses the mapping table found at
- \link
+ \l{}.
Tamil uses composed Unicode which might cause some
problems if you are using Unicode fonts instead of TSCII fonts.