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Re-enable QPrinterInfo test on Mac OS X.
This test has not failed in the last 1000 CI runs on Mac. It only fails when the test machine has some printers configured, which is not presently true for the CI machines. The two options are to disable the test on all unix platforms (because it fails on all unicies when there are printers present) or to enable the test for all platforms so that CI can catch regressions that don't depend on having printers connected. I choose the latter option. If the CI machines are configured with printers before the known bug is fixed, the failures should be marked with QEXPECT_FAIL rather than disabling the whole test again. Task-number: QTBUG-23060 Change-Id: I3cebed4aefdd088ff00215ea9d7413f90bd9e9b1 Reviewed-by: John Layt <>
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