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If the value is \e not compatible with the property's type, the
property is \e not changed, and false is returned. But if the
property with the given name doesn't exist in the QObject (i.e.,
- if it wasn't declared with Q_PROPERTY(), a new property with the
+ if it wasn't declared with Q_PROPERTY()), a new property with the
given name and value is automatically added to the QObject, but
false is still returned. This means that a return of false can't
be used to determine whether a particular property was actually
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compatible with the slot's arguments. Arguments can also be implicitly
converted by the compiler, if needed.
- You can also connect to functors or C++11 lamdas:
+ You can also connect to functors or C++11 lambdas:
connect(sender, &QObject::destroyed, [=](){ this->m_objects.remove(sender); });